Autumn Asthma Triggers
Author: Alres Dinnall, RN, M.Ed

Does your asthma worsen this time of year?
Autumn is one of the worst times of year for allergy and
asthma sufferers. Visit your doctor for an asthma tune-up
before symptoms get out of control.

RAGWEED POLLEN Close windows during early morning hours when levels are highest.
COLD WEATHER & SUDDEN DROPS IN TEMPERATURE Cover nose & mouth with a scarf, and dress warmly.
MOLD FROM DECAYING LEAVES Don’t play in leaves or stir them up.
WOOD BURNING STOVES & FIREPLACES Close windows in the evenings when most people use these.
DUST Dust with a dampened cloth. Encase mattress and pillows in dust-proof covering-available at many retail stores. Use vacuum with HEPA filter and clean filter often per manufacturer’s instructions.
PET DANDER Bathe pets weekly. Do not allow pets in bedrooms or on upholstered sofa.
COLDS, FLU & RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS Stay away from people with colds. Get proper nutrition to maintain a healthy immune system. Talk to your doctor about getting a flu shot.


  • Give a copy of your child’s Asthma Action Plan to the school nurse and teacher.
  • Find out the school policy for carrying and using rescue inhalers.
  • Ask if the school nurse is present all day, every day. If children are not allowed to carry inhalers, ask how they get access to medicine.
  • Inform teachers about your child’s asthma, and where to find the rescue inhaler.
  • Ask: Does the school have an emergency plan for taking care of a child with a severe asthma episode? Are your child’s teacher and classmates aware of the plan?

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